Special session on FLOODLAND @ ICFM 2017

Thomas Hartmann and Sally Priest organized a special session on “Land for Flood Risk Management” at the 7th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM7). The session is designed as a platform for the FLOODLAND network, but also contributions from outside the network are highly welcome and encouraged.

The conference took place in Leeds, UK, 5-7 September 2017. Please check http://www.icfm7.org.uk for more information.

Please find below the outline of the session:

Special session on ” L a n d   f o r   F l o o d   R i s k   M a n a g e m e n t “

Land is an essential ingredient for flood risk management. A spatial turn can be observed in flood risk management in recent decades which sees a movement away from traditional flood protection towards approaches which utilise land in different ways including nature-based solutions to retain water, flood storage, increasing space for rivers and flood-resilient cities. Although the technical and hydrological conditions of such solutions are relatively well known, effective reduction of flood risks on a catchment level is still lacking.

Flood risk management measures often inevitably affect privately owned land. Usually, flood risk management deals first with technical and hydrological issues before addressing land use management issues and the increased complexity that this introduces. Accordingly, the implementation of flood risk management is hampered by insufficient and catchment-wide land management and a lack of tools with which to incentivise private land owners and realise flood risk management objectives.

In this session, the land management perspective of flood risk management is central. How can (private) land users be encouraged to store water on their land or adapt land uses? Are there innovative concepts of land management, specific property rights solutions, or new approaches to arrangements with land users to get (access to) the required land for flood risk management? What does a land policy for flood risk management look like? Those questions and related issues shall be discussed to explore the increasing research demand but also to identify new and innovative concepts integrating land use and flood risk management.

Thomas Hartmann, Utrecht University

Dr Thomas Hartmann is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University. He is one of the founder of the network FLOODLAND and has a special expertise in land and water governance, with a focus on risk management of river floods as well as land policies and planning instruments.

Sally Priest, Middlesex University

Dr Sally Priest is an Associate Professor and Head of the Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University London. Her research interests focus on the application of social science across a range of areas of flood risk management.