Special Issue in the Journal of Flood Risk Management

Jirina Jílková (University of J. E. Purkyne in Ústí nad Labem), Jochen Schanze (IÖR Dresden) and Thomas Hartmann are editors of the forthcoming special issue “Land for Flood Risk Management” in the Journal of Flood Risk Management on the following theme:

Land for Flood Risk Management – A catchment-wide and multi-level perspective

Floods are one of the most expensive natural disasters (Munich Re, 2014). In general, the water cycle and risk generation offer three options reducing flood risks: First, storing water in the headwaters, before it reaches the river network (decentralised water retention); second, lowering flood propagation in the river network upstream to vulnerable cities through e.g. floodplains, dams, polders; or third prepare cities in a way that they are adapted to inundations (resistance/resilience). Each of these options has its specific effects on flood risks also depending on the size of a catchment and incorporates different advantages and disadvantages. Individually, the three options are not entirely new, but their optimization and effective implementation on the catchment scale is hampered due to missing governance of land in a coordinated manner.

Against this background, the special issue addresses this challenge through various disciplinary contributions to a catchment-wide land governance with a multi-level perspective considering academic and practical aspects. It particularly involves the fields of soil science, hydrology, civil engineering, spatial planning, law and property rights, economy, policy science and others. All contributions focus on either land as part of the flood risk system or land as subject of governance from a particular view. Papers present the state of the art, recent advancements and research demands.