FUTURE DELTAS is a research focus area of Utrecht University, which focuses on dealing with problems related to subsidence and associated loss of ecosystem services. Within this programme, the third FLOODLAND workshop on “FLOOD RETENTION AND RESILIENCE ON PRIVATE LAND” has been funded under the theme “optimizing solutions”, which aims at analysing, evaluating and optimizing strategies to deal with impacts of subsidence and associated loss of ecosystem services.

One of the main aims of Future Deltas is to bring together expertise on pressing issues in delta regions. The workshop was not only highly interdisciplinary and international but also highly innovative in its approach. The dynamics of the land-water nexus has not yet been comprehensively addressed in the scholarly debate on flood risk management. The FLOODLAND network addresses this gap by dealing with the question of combining local land management approaches with catchment governance on a multi-level perspective. This combination raises a lot of academic and practical issues from various fields such spatial planning & environmental planning, law & property rights, economics, civil engineering & hydrology, or policy science & water governance. Therefore, this network brings together leading scholars with a proven expertise in flood risk management from different disciplines.