Book: Nature-Based Flood Risk Managemengt on Private Land

Thomas Hartmann (Utrecht University, NL), Lenka Slavikova (J.E.P. University Usti nad Labem, CZ) and Simon McCarthy (Middelsex University, UK) edit a book on “Nature-Based Flood Risk Managemengt on Private Land”, to be published with Springer.

Nature based solutions and their need for more land

Nature-based solutions are assumed to be much more multi-purpose than traditional “grey infrastructure”.  They seem to be regarded as panacea for many environmental issues. At the same time, such measures require more – and mostly privately owned – land, and more diverse stakeholder involvement than traditional (grey) engineering approaches. This also implies that there are challenges related to different disciplines. Flood risk management with nature based solutions is an issue not only of technical expertise, but it asks for land-use planning, economics, property rights, sociology, landscape planning, ecology, hydrology, agriculture and other disciplines to cope with the challenges of implementing them. Ultimately, nature-based flood risk management is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. This is why this volume is addressing the various disciplinary aspects of nature-based solutions in flood risk management on private land.

Comments from various disciplines

A special feature of the book is that the different case studies of nature-based flood risk management are commented from at least two different disciplinary perspectives. This illustrates the disciplinary perspectives on a multidisciplinary challenge.